Shipping costs are a flat rate of R99  for delivery country-wide through the Courier Guy


Just some info on how things work on our side, to keep you as informed as possible.

Your order will be shipped in the week that is announced on the top of the website, in the banner!

We run our business on a week to week basis, and this is how it works:

We get stock for the week and prep the plants for shipping.  This is a prepping day, we prep all the plants. Wrap the soil, put them in plant sleeves etc. So that they are ready to be sent to their new homes!

We start the morning bright and early to start packing all of the beauties. We then load all of the shipments into the respective courier sites and request for them to collect the boxes. We ship all possible orders. We prioritize the Cape orders (Eastern, Western, and Northern Cape) since they take the longest to reach their destinations. However, we also ship orders to other provinces on Tuesdays.

If there is some or other reason that we could not ship all orders on Tuesday, they will be shipped on Wednesday. (Most likely cause is that we had too many orders to pack in one day and had to move some over to Wednesday)

Thursdays & Fridays

These days are reserved for admin and responding to plant queries. We also track your boxes to ensure that they are all on route with no hiccups.


Our shipping works this way to ensure that your plants are less likely to spend a weekend in the Courier depot.


Once your order has been shipped, you should receive an email from either FastWay Couriers or The Courier Guy with your tracking information on it.

It should take 2-3 days to reach you, however, if you are in an outlying area it could take up to 5 working days.

Due to our business still being small, there is a waiting period between placing an order and receiving it.

Our business is run this way to ensure that your plants are fresh and healthy. We do not like keeping stock with us for extended periods of time. So the stock we receive on Fridays gets shipped in the very next week. And the cycle repeats every week, but this also means that we do not have extra stock with us and can only ship the orders that we have planned to ship.

We do hope you understand this because your support for our small business means a lot to us & we want to keep our customers happy!

We look forward to your order and to sending you happy lush plants!