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You’d never guess it, but our founders were once amateur plant parents too! Which is why we believe that expert plant parents and green thumbs are grown, not born!

Whether you are a seasoned plant enthusiast or a nervous new plant parent, we are here to help you grow! We really mean it when we say anyone can be a plant parent, (no matter how many plants you have already killed trying) all it takes is the right plant in the right location! We are here to help you get started … and succeed!

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To ensure fresh and healthy plants we follow a strict weekly shipping schedule: 

Mondays: We prepare plants for shipping! This means wrapping the soil, adding plant sleeves, and one last pre-travel watering. 
Tuesdays: We wake up bright and early to get all plants carefully packaged for shipping in the morning, in the afternoon we hand over plants with the longest travel ahead of them to our courier partners (this means Eastern, Western and Northern Cape)
Wednesdays: If there are any plants that did not fit in the Tuesday truck, they travel in the second batch on a Wednesday. 
Thursdays and Fridays: No plants are shipped, we carefully monitor all the travelling plant babies to ensure they arrive safely at their new homes ! 

Why do we do this? 

Our shipping schedule works this way to ensure that your plants are less likely to spend a weekend in the courier depot ! Our shipping schedule is designed this way to ensure that your plants are fresh and healthy, for this same reason we do not like keeping stock for extended periods of time which means that stock received on Thursdays and Fridays will only be shipped the following week.

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